Our Products

We have a strong commitment to providing clothing that is vegan, sustainable, ethically made and environmentally friendly.


Both the inks and fabrics we use are completely vegan. This means that there are never any animal hairs or skins used in our fabrics and no animal derivatives in the fabric dyes and inks.

Low Impact Organic Cotton

All of our apparel is made from 100% organic GOTS certified cotton. Organic cotton means that the soil, water systems, animals, farmers and consumers are safe from toxic pesticides and fertilizers that are commonly used when growing conventional cotton. It's also a natural fiber which makes it completely biodegradable.

Water-Based Nontoxic Inks

The inks used to print our shirts are safe for both adults and children. They are nontoxic and OEKO-TEX® certified which means they do not contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals that could harm the environment. 

Ethically Made

Our shirt manufacturer is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. This foundation ensures that human rights violations do not take place in the manufacturing of clothing based on United Nations principles. They check for eight labor standards: (1) Employment is freely chosen, (2) there is no discrimination (3) or child labor, (4) workers’ freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected, (5) payment of a living wage, (6) reasonable hours of work, (7) a safe and healthy work environment and a (8) legally binding employment relationship. 

Plastic-Free Packaging*

100% of the materials used to package and ship our products are backyard compostable and biodegradable including any stickers or tape. We use compostable mailers for small orders and cardboard boxes for larger orders. *The only time we use plastic packaging is when we are reusing a perfectly good plastic mailer to prevent it from going into the trash. These will have a sticker on them letting you know that it is a "loved twice" mailer.

Funding for Sanctuary Farms

We donate 10% of our net profits to animal sanctuaries. Animal sanctuaries are non-profit organizations and rely on community support to sustain themselves. They play an important role in vegan education and provide the public with the rare opportunity to get to know traditional farm animals outside of the animal agriculture setting.

Climate Conscious

Our manufacturer produces climate neutral shirts that use only wind and solar power to produce. This means 90% less carbon emissions during manufacturing. They also use a zero-discharge water treatment which means that waste is removed from used water so that it can be used over and over. Water is also saved in the producing of their cotton since it is grown in a region of India that receives 95% of its water from the monsoon rainfall. This greatly reduces the need for artificial irrigation.